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Shorts Video

Yes, shorts youtube video is trending right now and we want to catch the train. Sometimes we will edit and upload shorts video about some good fight scene in Dota.

Dota Highlights Clip

This is the main point of our Youtube channel. Everyday we spend more than 8 hours to find and edit the best Dota games for you guys.

Dota Tournament Games

Dota is nothing without tournament, and we know that. We will do the fastest tournament video in the world, even faster than NoobfromUA. Don't believe it? Subscribe to us and you will see

With or Without Commentary Dota

We will try the best to cover the game with or without commentary. Stay tune for the best Dota content on Youtube.

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Company Features

What we do Everyday

Average of 1 million players online, each play at least 3 games a day. And we need to find the best game of that amount, that is the hardest part, not editing the video believe me!

Dota match analyzing

After that we will need to use Opendota to parse the game data. Which is kda score, killing time, networth and the hero we need to follow during the video.

Edit the video

Then we need to edit the video with our perspective to public to Youtube. We added the item build, skill build and many more data to the video to help you sum up the game and learn from it.

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What They’re Saying

Ana stand in for RNG for the Arlington Major as Ghost did not manage to get his visa.

Mike Hardson


Patch 7.32 will arrive before The International Regional Qualifiers, which take place September 3 – 18.

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